The Okay Love Heart Story


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Fashion print designs developed from a single starting point; The ‘Okay Love’ symbol… As an exercise that bends the typical rules in the world of graphic design and logo creation (just playing with the idea), the attempt here is to provide customers with a unique range of patterns for fashion apparel and to inspire creatives with the idea of ‘thinking differently’.


Why the love heart? No Offence! It’s a ‘Cultural Diffusion Thing!’

Well, because the love heart ideograph is so recognized throughout the world as a symbol of emotion, love, and affection. Although ‘okay sign’ does have negative connotation too, we mostly use the heart symbol to express how good we feel about something or someone…

And because sometimes we also use the love heart to express sadness – such as a broken heart. I felt this would be a really flexible device to play with a huge “database of emotions”.



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